The Show

You are listening to The Scaling Startups Podcast a personal project hosted by Ross Sheil. This podcast is all about company building and technology where you will learn from the experience and lessons learned of the world’s best founders, leaders, and subject matter experts on starting, running and scaling companies. You’ll also get a flavour for the habits and rituals that made them successful, how they manage their time, energy, what books they read and what makes them tick.

Over Season 1 Ross will talk to founders and leaders of the world’s fastest growing technology companies to learn more about their secret sauce and lessons learned in company building. We’ll touch on topics from culture to product market fit to scaling to, venture capital, hiring leadership and more. The common thread across all of these podcasts will be teasing out the lessons learned in scaling and building, you’ll get a sense for how they are scaling their companies, what makes them tick and and all of the perspective and insights they’ve accumulated along the way. If you’re interested in the art and science of going from startup to scale-up this podcast is for you.

You can follow the show on @ScalingStartups and reach Ross on @RossySheil and on LinkedIn.